Chairman's Desk

Chairman's Message

This very quotation inspires me to build up a strong ground for the young generation where they can get the needed Education And, I feel very contended to say that Gourishankar Knowledge City is doing its best to harmonize the requirements of every student, right from the Play group to the Post Graduation, from Industrial Training to Degree Engineering, from Diploma PHARMACY TO Research, having all just Under One Big Roof - Gourishankar Knowledge City.

Here at Gourishankar not only the Educations is taken care of, but, we also believe in making every student a responsible citizen. By inculcating values like self-discipline, self awareness, spiritual and moral values and also building in a positive attitude in them. We all know that along with the needed Education, good communication is your key to success. Hence, we also take care of communication skills and soft skills. So, today we can proudly say that Gourishankar is taking all the needed steps towards developing every student's personality and equipping them with modern Technologies, which is the basic requirement for the better placements and bright future ahead.

Gourishankar along with imparting knowledge and education has also opened doors of placements to number of people staying in and around Satara District. A number of people are employed at Gourishankar Knowledge City and are considering Gourishankar to be their home.

I feel great honor in laying my life in imparting Education and brightening the lives of all those who are in concern with Gourishankar Knowledge City.

Prof. Madan S. Jagtap

Chairman - Gourishankar Knowledge City,
Limb, Satara.