International Yoga Day 2021

International yoga day was celebrated at institute by conducting an online workshop on yoga and pranayama on Monday 21 June 2021 at 7.00 a.m. Yoga day celebration was held with great enthusiasm at institute. Mr.Bhushan Pawar an assistant professor working in department of medicinal chemistry of the institute demonstrated various sitting and standing asanas, warm exercises, omkar chanting, pranayama to all participants.Program anchoring was conducted assistant professor Ms.Zore S.S.

He also told the importance of yoga for the benefit of the health and mentioned how ithelps in improving concentration and in attaining inner peace. He also told how yoga and pranayama helps a person to improve life physically, mentally and spiritually as well. The entire teaching and non-teaching faculty, as well as nss students, performed yoga as per the given instructions by him along with PrincipalSir. All NSS committee members, student’s representatives were taken efforts to making the workshop suceesful.